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Pemalite said:
JRPGfan said:

Even Attorney General William Barr agree's with that.
Theres simply no evidence of voter fraud, or anywhere near to the degree that it would change the election.

AG Barr, is "trumps" guy,.... he willingly lies/bends truth, and does whatever trump wants.
Seems even he cant in good conscience, claim otherwise.

its time for trump to put on the "big boys" pants, and amit to him loseing the election.
Even the wording he choose... that was probably just to save face.

"no evidence of fraud, to a degree that it would change anything"  (paraphraseing)

If they actually found proof of any fraud, you bet your arse they would be yelling about it, and trump would be tweeting it.
The fact they cant prove anything, just shows its just Trumps ego, that cant accept he lost.

It's frustrating because whenever something "good" happens to Trump, it's normal.
I.E. 2016 election. - Yet he still lost the popular vote.

He didn't cry about any conspiracies, wasn't in his best interest.

Fast forward to 2020, because he is the looser, he is throwing a tantrum and blaming it on everyone else and the system, rather than reflecting on the shit job he did with the long list of broken promises and mandates.

Either way, he was president for the last 4 years, he had the power to make the changes to completely remove and resolve any issues like voter fraud, but he didn't.
It's incompetence at it's best. It's shit leadership.

He would rather whinge about something than be the solution, he simply loves to complain and blame.

I actually slightly disagree with you here, but only in that Trump didn't complain about conspiracies when he won in 2016. That's not actually accurate because he still thought there was a conspiracy to let millions of undocumented immigrants vote illegally as that was the only way he could cope with him losing the popular vote even though he won the actual election. Any time Trump loses in any contest he cries cheating.