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Mnementh said:
KLXVER said:

Sure. The 3DS doesnt have a successor since the Switch is the successor to the WiiU. Unless you call it a successor to both which doesnt seem fair to the PS4 or XB1. Also the PS2 was like 100 bucks after the PS3 launced. No Sony console has been that cheap ever since. So this is a thread created to stir up shit with Sony fans and you need to not take it so seriously. 

Obviously the Switch is a successor to both WiiU and 3DS, it is a hybrid, what did you expect? And why is it unfair to PS4 or XB1? Because the 3DS had a pretty much normal lifetime, Nintendo cut the life of the WiiU short (not surprising with the low sales).

I don't know inhowfar the low PS2 price plays a role, that seems like an argument that at most supports the theory in the thread, because it makes the long life of the PS2 an exception, exactly as Rol claims.

And if you think this thread is meant to stir up shit with anyone, you should report the thread instead of making random passive-aggressive obnoxious posts.

Its not. Its a successor to the WiiU. Just like Nintendo said it was. If you want it to be a successor to the 3DS, then we should only count the Switch Lite. Which is a dedicated handheld. And the 3DS has done bad after that was released.