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Shiken said:

Yep DF pretty much confirms that it is a tie as well. Based on their footage, the PS5 performance has not changed at all. It also actually appears that the XSX holds 60 fps a bit better now with less tearing than the PS5 now based on the improvements to that version, but the difference is small and the XSX has a lower bottom resolution in performance mode. So that is pretty much a wash IMO.

Really makes you wonder about claims of the PS5 being worse with the patch, almost as if to downplay the improvements for the XSX. Glad to see both versions doing well and hope everyone can just enjoy the game now, regardless of platform.

DF guys were saying that the patch made the PS5 version worse. They themselves made comments that the PS5 version had gotten worse, now with this video they claim that the thing on ps5 hasn't changed. No "console war" agenda here, just some hasty and unfortunate comments.

Side note: I'm happy to see to see both consoles delivering similar results. Lots of silly talk about "power advantage" from Xbox camp on the past few months are turning in Bull@#@#!. Hopefully things continue like this and both consoles will need to shine in other areas as the "power narrative" will be non existent this gen.

Last edited by Manlytears - on 29 November 2020

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