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Hiku said:

First of all, excuse the derailing for a moment, but given this user's history we thought it's best to let the community know about this. And this post will likely be linked to him in a modnote.

YanisFromFrance said:

Do we have the number of the Nintendo Switch in Spain ?

From the moment you started posting here, and got a warning for trolling right off the bat, there were some that suspected you were an alt or something. As time went on I wondered if you're a new Toastboy, or if you're actually being serious with some of the things you say and do.

You repeat the same threads.

Your repeat the same posts.
You even repeat your own wall status for some reason.

And it's always about the same thing.
You make some confusing statements as well that can lead to some unnecessary debate, which could be the result of English not being your first language.

But on a French forum under the name 'NintendoManLand' you made several threads about Vgchartz. In one of them you seemed to fish for people to vote in one of your VGChartz polls. In another you seemingly bragged about infiltrating VGChartz console wars, and someone cheered you on?

*Google translate*

You've also made alt accounts, both here and apparently over there as well.

People over there got fed up with you. Called you and an 'unbearable bot'. And a mod banned you and "deleted all your shitty topics".

We're at the point where people already know they'll find you posting about Switch sales in this Sony vs Xbox thread, before they even click on it. 
There's a time and place for everything. And you don't seem to understand that concept.

So we'll be following the French's example.

Au revoir.

Thank you for investigating this and exposing this. At first I thought Yanis might've been an overly-obsessed fanboy of Nintendo who is obsessed with the fact that the Switch is selling but eventually it became weird and sus that this dude kept repeating the same topics for months now, and says a bunch of just false fanboyish statements that support Nintendo, such as Nintendo having much better sales than Sony when it's not true. But now this confirmed to me he's an annoying troll.