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Epic results.  PS5 looks to be a 2-2.5M opening with Europe included.  First quarter will be an all time record assuming there will be sufficient BF/December stock.

As for NSW, here's how it stacks up against top VGC years now, its starting to take the clear lead for 46 week YTD.

Despite that, I think it is under-tracked in the US.  VGC has the first two weeks of Nov up about 45% from 2019, but this results in the first week of Nov 2020 being down from the last week of Oct 2020, which I'm not sure makes sense given trajectory.  W45 I think will bump up 30K from 170>200K, and W46 will bump up 40K from 260>300K, so current standing will end up being ~20,600.  Another 350K for Zelda week and then 1.1-1.2M for BF week gets the month up past 2M for NPD Nov.  

No idea on Europe, we'll have to wait for reports on that.  USA is becoming easier to predict though.