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eva01beserk said:

The power narrative was an excuse the xbox fans had as a way to dismiss the need of exclusive games. You trying to acuse now that it swings to whoever has the power is a blatant lie that wont deceive anybody. The xboxs battle cry was always "best place to play multiplats" or "its multiplats that sell consoles". This is why you are seeing them hoping that dev tools will change and the xbox will pull ahead in the future because they dont want the conversation to go back to exclusive games. 

You clearly sit on one side of the fence with that post. Power was a narrative at the start of last generation and changed mid way through. It was all the talk, however it seems you are in denial of it. I heard the same power narrative with the PS3 vs 360 with its incredibly powerful Cell Processor. Lets not talk crap here. They all do it, this is not a one sided affair.