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Cross-posting from Era.


Some of that shipment is meant for Cyber Monday too, so it'll bleed into December's results.  2M Nov/3M Dec should be able to happen this year (+/- 250K both month's I'd guess).

Last year, we got PR from NoA on the Thursday after Thanksgiving week (Dec 4), so expecting the same this month.

Last Year's BF NoA PR

They said 830K sold last year during Thanksgiving/BF week and 1,424K for Nov.  This year, YTD the Switch is up 83% through Oct, and since March, its up 107%. 

To top the Wii's 2,040K record, it needs to be up YoY by 43%.  Only June and July have fallen below that increase so far, so good chance its happening.  For Black Friday week, I expect they'll easily cruise past 1M (only 20% increase), and I'd guess they're performing a good 50% higher in the first three November weeks.

Also, hopefully we get some software updates as well.

MK8D will have crossed 10M by now in the US.  SSBU, BOTW, ACNH should all be past or crossing the 10M either this November or this December.  It will be nice to see those milestones highlighted.  ACNH and MK8D are both headed for >20M IMO, and BOTW and SSBU will get to 15M some day.