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Chazore said:
Dante9 said:

Nah, then it would just become Intel vs AMD or Nvidia vs AMD or whatnot. People will fall into tribes over anything they can find.

Not really. the war between intel/AMD/Nvidia is still a far, far smaller war than console wars, which have spanned decades longer and permeate throughout many an internet forum than GPU/CPU wars. I see more console warring on all forms of media than I do some rich fuck with money to burn on a GPU/CPU.

By the numbers game, you'd still be better off on the PC side of things. For one you actually have modders to help you out, for another, you've less people to see warring over crap.

Yeah, but if it would be all the console fanboys moving over to PC, the war would surely follow and just take on a new form. An existing, minor chip war just waiting to be escalated.