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trunkswd said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

The Switch vs. 3DS charts are so interesting. Switch looked like it was going to sell like the 3DS for almost 2 years just going by the data alone. That is what I call Switch in caterpillar mode. Now Switch is in butterfly mode. It came out of it's shell and now we are seeing it's true form. It just keeps flying higher and higher.

For me before the Switch came out the worst I saw it selling was in the 80 to 90 million range. Having Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, etc all on one platform was going to move a lot of consoles. 

Heh, well since around launch time I've believed it will be the best selling system of all time.  Most thought my prediction was impossible at the time.  Now, people see it as a possibility even if it isn't a sure thing.