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Mnementh said:

The excuses get ridiculous. Yes costs increase, but that is mostly on the publishers itself, chasing the best new shiniest tech. And also sales grow incredibly, that offsets rising costs. I mean in the 90s the top games often selled multiple 10Ks, sometimes even crazy number like more than 100K! Woohoo! Nowadays companies complain about "only" a million or so.

And worse of all: these 80€ are only the base price. There are Ultimate editions, Game passes, Microtransactions, subscriptions and whatnot. That massively increases the revenue of these companies. But they still don't get enough.

Interestingly enough, the ones most deserving a high price point are indie games, as these sell way fewer copies and don't have (usually) crazy monetization schemes on top of the game.

Edit: no paragraphs in quick reply.

It's not the excuses that are ridiculous, it's your comparison of apples and oranges.

How about you compare 90s games to modern games with equally low production values and content? 90s games were also expensive as fuck considering how little they offered content wise.

Also you must have forgotten about all those devs and publishers going bankrupt during gen 7 and with it the death of most A and AA games because they weren't profitable despite selling hundred of thousands to a million copies. And to spell it out for you, A and AA means that they didn't use the shiniest tech. Tech is not expensive, manpower is. Why is manpower expensive? Because costs of living increase. Absolutely ridiculous to blame the publishers for that, yet you did.