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Stellar_Fungk said:
Is this game good? I like 2D marios. Should I buy it?

Its fine.  Mario U is fun but Luigi U is the star of the package.  Some of the Luigi levels are pretty fun and tough later on.  I beat both on the Wii U when they came out and never went back to them.  One of the issues with the game besides the basic New Super Mario feel, is similar to Yoshi Crafted World where there are some beautiful creative levels, but a lot of rather plain filler levels.   If Super Mario Maker 2 didn't exist I think its worth it as a fun game, but Mario Maker 2 is flat out the better game.  In America I believe its on sale for $30 for Black Friday and I think that is a fair price for it.  If you can get it for a similar price in Sweden I say go for it.