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eva01beserk said:
Shiken said:
eva01beserk said:
Replicant said:

There doesn't seem to be any widespread faults on Xbox Series though. Every console launch has these rocky examples. And now that everyone is on SoMe, we're 100% sure to see them. PS5 will get its fair share of faulty reports as well.

Also, those quote trees. Cut them down guys

Seriously what the hell? Thats suposed to be automatic cut to 3 reply. Was that an error with the update? Thats not something I will bother with on my phone.

Its not an issue. Its DRM. Its whats meant to do. Xbox live was down for a few hours and all the new consoles during that time where unusable. Again. Question is is this only a first time thing? Or will this be requiered on a specific interval. If I remember corectly during the x1 they wanted a once a day check. 

It is a one time thing, once it is set up younare good to go indefinitely.

that might be true. someone has to test that

Yeah. Could it be that MS has sneaked into their new consoles all the things that they got flak for when the previous gen was launched..