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JRPGfan said:
DonFerrari said:

Have he been jailed? That is what happens when you lose criminal cases. And sure you would believe that only a man could do this.

Didnt he win the devorce suits, and the abuse suits?

What he lost, is a case against a new paper, that claims he was a abuser.
Which ruined his good name, and got him fired from alot of movies.

So rightfully (since he won the other cases), he felt justified to take the news paper to court.
He lost his court case against the news paper.

They are allowed to call people abusive (even if they won their cases, and dont retract or apologies).

Now he loses his role on another movie..... because of the PR broung up, and because JKR is already herself riddled with bad PR.
They likely decided they couldnt also have him on (maybe scared it would effect movie goers, amounts).

Still.... now that Johnny Depp is in 2 movies, and replaced in the 3rd.... a bad series like Fantastic Beasts, has lost me as a viewer.
I aint going to the movies for the 3rd one. The 2nd movie was barely passable, and the 1st kinda sucked (just a lead up type thing).
If not for my love of the Harry Potter books, I wouldnt have gone to any of these.

That was what I thought. And from where my complain of media being free to lie and damage without much repercution. But for some reason the other user is dead set that Deep is a monster with the only evidence being that he didn't win against the newspaper (which again different type of trial and media having a lot of protections even when they are in the wrong, plus damagining new getting like 100x more coverage than retractions).

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