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Signalstar said:

I'm a fan of Depp as an actor but I think it's best for him to leave the role. The first Fantastic Beasts was okay except for the weird Gridenwald reveal, felt like they shoehorned Depp in at the last minute. The sequel was a boring disaster. Depp did not do anything interesting with the role and the plot was non existent.

I'm not sure what other people see in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The third was horrible and I lost all faith and interest in the series after that. The reason Disney dropped Depp was because his contract made it too expensive to keep him in the movies. He would be making something in the realm of $90 million if they kept him on for the next movie, which is insane.

Also Depp took a huge risk in filing these two lawsuits. Losing either one was going to be detrimental to his already toxic career image. He and Heard had a divorce settlement and neither could spill the beans of their tumultuous relationship publicly. Heard spoke in innuendo that Johnny was abusive but he still had plausible deniability. Now the damage is done.

Didnt he win those? (the devorce, and the abuse cases filed, didnt amount to anything)
This is about the news paper, case he resently lost against right?

It was a case he brought up against a new paper, because they publically ruined his good name, by calling him a abuser.

What do you call that? defamation of character? or something.
Anyways he didnt win against the news papers, they can call people a abuser, even if the legal courts failed to prove that.

Johnny depp was proved innocent, in the case against him being abusive.
He didnt go to jail, wasnt fined anything ect. He was innocent.

Apparently thats not enough for a news paper, that calls a man out, before a trail is done, to face justice for the harm it did to his career.