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OneTime said:
DonFerrari said:

"likely true"? And here I though there was something like beyond resonable doubt. In which universe there is public evidence that he suffers abuse, we don't real evidence that he abused her, but yes he have to pay for it?

I think it's beyond reasonable doubt for any sane person.  Yes, he's a piece of dirt who is guilty as hell.  "She did it too" stops working as an excuse when you get to age 12 (not that I think she'd have the strength to actually physically hurt him - and he has the money to walk out at any point he wants if she's nagging him too much)

So are you calling me and anyone that want proof insane? Plus going that well even if she done he is worse because he is a man? Congrats. Must be because of this type of thinking that courtroom and judicial system needs to give so much leeway to potential criminals, because if left for you to judge you would execute someone based on hearsay already.

You may not like but "she started" is a very valid and used self-defense claim. So unless you have access to everything that happened you can't possibly judge one or the other as abuser or victm.

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