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shikamaru317 said:
DonFerrari said:

People conveniently forget that both man and woman are capable of terrible acts.

Thankfully he still has one last chance for fair treatment and justice. The case that he lost was against the tabloid newspaper who published Amber's story of abuse by Johnny, but he still has his personal lawsuit against Amber that will be held next year here in my state in the US. Here's hoping that the truth will out, whatever the truth may be, two way abuse, or abuse by Amber alone. If he can prove that she abused him and then lied and claimed she was the victim of abuse, it would be pretty shitty of the movie studios to continue blacklisting him after that, though sadly I wouldn't put it past them.

That is another point that is to lighten. Sure we have to preserve freedom of speech and press, but just to often press will make false stories and claim it came from "trusted source" (just like the rumors we get for gaming all the time) and that is enough for them to publish almost anything. Worse yet, if any news chain reports something all the rest will copy and paste without any verification and there you have.

This week on the judgement of a potential rape, the defendant was found not guilty. Basically the claim from victm and prosecution was that she was drugged/alcoholized and so incapable of agreeing. But forensic evidence showed no sign of any drugs or alcohol, no alteration of mind state, after the sexual act she was tapped walking normally with high heel on uneven road, texting with friends and all. There are evidence that both had sex (semen was found, and possibility of virginity loss). And since she claim she have no recollection of the time from some hours before and after the act you can't really claim "I don't mind because I was drugged, but if I wasn't drugged then I refused". When all was accounted for the defendant was found acquainted on base of insuficient evidence (basically in dubio pro reu). One newspaper run with the "rape in second degree" or whatever name USA would use for when you don't have the intention of commiting the crime, this charge doesn't exist in Brazil so they were heavily criticizing it, later when some small independent newspaper reviewed the full sentence there was nothing on rape in second degree, there was only the acquaintance based on lack of evidence. Of course when the original news confesed they invented it because that was to show the intent of the ruling, they didn't got hard hitted by the other media (that also didn't care to double check that original news).

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