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Mixed feelings here. The Crimes of Grindelwald was a mediocre film - both as a HP entry and as a film in general - and Depp wasnt good, he hasnt been good for a while now, and yet he wasnt the main issue. The screenplay and pacing were not great, so theres a lot to fix going forward. His take on Grindelwald was really bland too, he was presented as the most by-the-numbers villain, which adds zero depth to a character that I feel should've been much more compelling. So I guess this gives them a chance to improve the character presentation at least. 

Anyway, on the gossip side of things, I think its an upset - that Ambear Heard won that is, given what we know of their relationship now, if you even care for that kind of celebrity gossip anyway. So I think forcing him to resign is understandable, but weird. So should we assume that had he won the case he wouldnt have been forced to resign? Cause that wouldnt change his public image at all.