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Tempted by Xbox Series X via All Access, but I think there is no one title that I'm super keen to play on the system so I will probably go for PS5 and enjoy my backglogue upgraded (I've yet to pick Ghost of Tsushima, so its first on the list). There's also demand for 2 playstations or remote play in my house but sony hasn't got a modern solution  since PSTV was dicontinued, so might as well get a PS5 which'll do the job. 3rd party wise I'll be paying close attention to Cyberpunk and Immortals, but I think my money will more likely be spent on old Switch games I haven't got round to buying (Splatoon 2, Luig's Mansion 3, Pokemon Shield/Sword)

There's no must haver ps5 titles for me outside of Astrobot (Will probably get Sackboy too) so I'm not going to go to go to any crazy lengths to pick one up, but I'll just see if Im lucky at some point in Nov/Dec. 

Last edited by Otter - on 02 November 2020