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SvennoJ said:
smroadkill15 said:

Yep, the price of Netflix has gone up, but it's certainly warranted considering how much original content is on the service and still doesn't have ads. I'll gladly continue to pay for the service. 

Literally one game has released on Game Pass which was Episodic, Tell Me Why, and each episode was only 1 week apart. Compare this to previous episodic games that take months just to get all the content. This is also from DontNod who specializes in these kinds of games. Hardly the norm going forward for Game Pass. 

Not yet, but I quoted this
- Developers are approaching them with projects that are more compatible with a subscription model

Yeah sure, you'll get some games that follow episodic, but games like this aren't going to be take over the service. How many developers out there make episodic content? Like 3 maybe 4? How many developers does Xbox have that make episodic content? Zero. Really a silly thing to worry about.