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That plot twist in chapter 10 was incredibly predicatble. Disappointing about the turn of events there. Would have hoped for a different connection between the stories.

Also what's with the arbitrary waiting times at the beginning of chapter 13? I wanted to continue the story line as quickly as possible. In several guides I found online it said just wait for up to 15 minutes and you can go to the next objective marker. Spent 20 minutes waiting, then another 15 minutes walking around and doin stuff like shopping (had no reason to go shopping), eating (no reason to eat as my health was full) etc. Nothing happened.
Then, I walked and triggered a mini scene at the Cabaret Grand by pure accident. Immediately after that I got the pager message I was waiting for. Now that's some stupid shit and fuck those people who think they know how to write walkthroughs/guides.
It's pretty bad game design though. Let me wait for no reason and I can't even run my business during that time or do sidequests (which is only logical considering the circumstances).