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Currently in Chapter 10 and I'm way more critical than you.

Graphics are pretty mediocre for the most part and especially non-essential NPCs would look bad even for 7th gen games. The pre-rendered cutscenes do look good though, no doubt about that. However facial animations didn't impress me much. Not on the same level as for example Gears 5.

Combat is also pretty meh. Hard to aim for someone specific,grabbing enemies and picking up weapons on the same button, very specific place/window to execute heat actions, other enemies disappear when performing heat actions so you don't know where the next one will be once the animation finishes.
I guess the devs knew that combat isn't all that great so they're giving you a method to skip encounters by throwing money on the ground.

Map is tiny indeed and the reasons why nothing plays outside of it is laughable. It's like "duh" of course the Yakuza or someone else is going to find you immediately when you never leave the couple of blocks within.

Story is easily the best part about it. However, there are far too many cutscenes. On the other hand, the rest of the game is only walking from point A to B to initiate the next cutscene and some combat encounters with 3-5 bad guys.