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Q2: July 1st, 2020 - Sept, 30, 2020.


113.6 Million PS4's sold as of Sept 30, 2020. Previous number disclosed known 112.1 Million as of 06/30/2020.

12.4 Million units of PlayStation First-Party Software sold in Q2

Q2 Revenue/profit: 4.77 Billion/$0.988 Billion USD. (% YoY growth in profit).

45.9 Million PS Plus Subscribers. 107 Million Monthly Active users.

Increase of .9 million subscribers to PS Plus over Q1 FY 2020. Drop in MAU of 7 million compared to Q1 FY 2020.

Digital software ratio is 59% for Q2. It drops from a high of 74% during Q1 FY 2020.

80.9 million games sold-in during Q2 FY20. This is M per day.


Previous Quarter (Q1 FY 2020):

All credit to Codename: Classified (neogaf)

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