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RolStoppable said:
The website code wiped the posts of John2290, but the thread doesn't recognize it as such, so it has about 15 posts that remain unread for me. Said 15 missing posts put you on a new forum page that doesn't exist anymore due to the wiped posts which is why you get redirected to the frontpage.

Try accessing the thread via Forum Index > General Discussion > Thread by selecting the second to last page instead of the most recent one. That should work.

This, but it's still annoying, faulty links remain high in the VGC Buddy until you write new posts in enough other threads.

JWeinCom said:
Is anyone still having this issue? Otherwise may as well lock I guess.

It hadn't happened to me for years, but a few days ago it did again to me too, in another thread, marked permanently with 35 unread posts and pointing to an inexistent new page in the VGC Buddy:

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