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Immersiveunreality said:
dpsx74 said:
No, I don't think you get it. Nothing was justified. I called out Weinermobile on abuse (which he'll deny), withdrew his ability to mod me, and he thought it wouldn't $tick. Oh no, $ is such an evil, unwanted symbol! Where is that part in the rules? Too bad. And I guess you'll have to be denied too if this is the kind of scam you guys pull around here. I've dealt with mod abuse on plenty of forums. The entire team will hide it to protect their little clan. Why should you be the exception? So thanks for your concern but you can leave now.

To Weinerhead, you can try but it won't help. You threw a pissyfit over a $, started removing posts that weren't against any rules. I called your shit, and from that point your mod opinions had no relevance to my account. If you don't like it then I suggest you try modding a different forum. I'll stop when you apologize. Otherwise go swallow a tack.

Your attempt of making a good point has gotten lost with childish namecalling.

Wasn't much of a point anyway. So far, nobody else has been banned for using M$ instead of MS. Obviously there was more to it, and this should give you a pretty good idea of the reasoning.