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noname2200 said:
Mnementh said:
"-At least one more Wii U port"
The air starts to get thin for WiiU-ports, as most games are already ported. But yeah, if we restrict this to Nintendo (and not include say ZombiU) there are still the HD-Zelda remasters open....

Besides that I only remember Xenoblade Chronicles X as title that remains.

Not counting stuff like Amiibo Festival, there's also Kirby and Starfox. And Nintendo Land...?

But yeah, it's slim pickings at this point.

Well, Nintendo Land is technically impossible, since it relies too much on separate interaction between the Gamepad and the TV.

Amiibo Festival reminds me that Nintendo really could make some game which is technically free-to-start (as they prefer to call free2play games), but needs Amiibos to work. Could actually be tied together with some Captain N revival, since that one also visited so many different gameworlds as you would with the amiibos...