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DirtyP2002 said:
UnderwaterFunktown said:

No reason Valve would sell anyways. They don't reveal much number wise, but there's no doubt they're one of the biggest companies in gaming. They probably have a larger revenue than the Xbox divsion of Microsoft honestly, Steam is a larger platform and the market place is a goldmine for them.

Microsoft Gaming revenue 2020: 11bn USD.

Valve (estimated) 2017: 4.3bn USD.

That is as close as we can get.

That Valve estimate is from SteamSpy and only includes game sales, not microtransactions, DLC, the marketplace etc. which is probably a very large portion of their revenue. Hard to say how much ofc. Where exactly is the Microsoft number from?

Anyways from what I could gather they had around 9bn revenue in 2017 if we were going to compare the same year.

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  • Switch - 27m
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