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JRPGfan said:

WHY are Star Trek Enterprise (prequel with Scott Bakula) and Star Trek Voyager not winning these polls?

Imo their the best star trek series.
However I do think Star Trek - The next generation was also pretty decent (loved Patrick Stewart as capt Jean-Luc Picard), and its currently winning so thats fine too.

Enterprise > Voyager > Next Generation.

I think that given enough time, Voyager has a decent shot of eventually replacing DS9 as most people's second-favourite Star Trek series (TNG will probably always be #1), considering that audience tastes seem to be gradually moving away from the kind of grimdark sci-fi that DS9 and Babylon 5 acted as the forerunners for.

Enterprise, however, is probably always going to struggle a bit more in the popularity stakes, considering how its premature cancellation meant its good-to-bad episode ratio is more like 50/50 than the 70/30 or so the previous four shows had, the stigma of its effectively killing the 1987-2005 run of Star Trek, and it ending with a legendarily awful finale years before that was the "in" thing for major franchises to do.