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shikamaru317 said:

If Discovery gets a 5th season, 1 more than Enterprise got, I might just jump off a bridge. Seriously, how is this show getting enough viewers to keep it alive? Almost every TOS and TNG era Star Trek fan I know, and most TOS and TNG era fans I've seen online, hate Discovery with a burning passion as instance as the sun. So how is it getting enough viewers to justify the budget? Fans of the JJ reboots keeping it alive?

I'm just glad that we TNG era fans have The Orville. It may have started as a parody of TNG era Trek, but it evolved into a proper show in it's own right, because the writers and directors understand what TNG era Star Trek fans in a show, many of them having previously wrote on TNG era Trek shows. They just need to bring Alara back as a main character in season 3, I like her way more than Talla.

It might be one of those things where the hardcore old school fans hate a new take on something but it resonates more with the general viewer base, like the JJ films or the recent Godzilla reboots by both Hollywood and Japan.

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