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JCGamer55 said:
shikamaru317 said:

Congrats on the move. I definitely think there has never been a better time to pick Xbox as your primary console, between the higher GPU/CPU specs, the value of Gamepass, and the huge number of 1st party studios MS will soon have assuming the Bethesda deal is approved by all antitrust regulatory bodies. 

My biggest takeaway from your post though, is why in the heck does Sony charge so much for games in Argentina? I believe I've heard similar stories about Sony pricing in other South American countries as well. Seems like cheaper games and the value of gamepass should present Microsoft with a real opportunity for big market growth in South America. They have always struggled against Sony on a worldwide marketshare basis due to Sony's strength in Asia and Europe, but maybe MC can reclaim the US and UK this gen and use South America to make up for some of the lost ground in Europe and Japan. Just a thought. 

I'm not sure if its just in Argentina but here in Colombia, both Xbox and PlayStation games cost about the same and they really are that expensive. It's like they convert the 60 USD price tag to local currency (in countries with much less purchasing power so its not really the same) and then add an extra for the retailers to make profit.

Steam on the other hand offers much better pricing here.

Looks like taxes are involved in the price spike. I noticed, I'm down here as well parce