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DonFerrari said:
shikamaru317 said:

Windows Central did a heat test as well and got way lower temps than the other 2 testers did, they couldn’t get the temp to go above 35 Celsius while playing Monster Hunter World with open ventilation, though they did test it in a fairly cold room, 18 celsius/64 Fahrenheit room temp.

Stress testing with a BC title, on a cold room and open ventilation seems more like someone trying to favour his point than anything else. You should stress test on a small cabinet, 35C on a next gen title for several hours to have at least a chance of seeing something that can certainly occur in the world. And most certainly MS done it and found the console satisfactory, but this windows central test is a joke.

why do you blame them when they don't have next gen games to test it out? MH World is one of the most demanding current gen games so it's the best choice they could make. Did the people who spread the rumor about heat issues have next gen games to test? Obviously not, so this is very comparable situation.

Also I completely disagree with testing inside a small cabinet instead of an wide open surface. Series X (and PS5) is just too big to properly fit within most of these so they will likely be placed in a spot where they have a ton of open space to cool down. You wouldn't test a PC in such a configuration either.

Last edited by Barozi - on 16 October 2020