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Bandorr said:
Manlytears said:

why the @$#$3% some people here are comparing PS4 vs Switch? The generations for "the big three" are:

Dreamcast vs PS2 Vs Game cube Vs xbox > Ps2 won.
Ps3 vs Wii vs X360 > Wii won.
Ps4 Vs WiiU vs X1 > PS4 won.

You guys need to stop acting like wii U is "inexistent"... just adimit, Ps4 won the generation.

The switch is quite impressive. Gen 1, 7, 8, 9 - it can do it all.  It's power level is around 7(slightly more?)

It released around 8. But because the wii U bombed it is 9. Oh and its the first "real" handheld and console so gen 1.

But I never considered that people are arguing the switch is "beating" the ps4 but also possibly arguing it is gen 9. 

Switch is quite a bit more powerful than 7th gen machines. Wii U was as well and Switch docked is about double Wii U.

As for gens. It's not 7th gen. Not 8th gen. Not 9th gen. It belongs in its own category in that regard. It was still be compared to PS4 in sales in the general sense. Not head to head as equal hardware

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!