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It's better to be specific than to talk "in general".

Specifically, Sony won 75% of the time vs. Nintendo in the home console market.
PS1 vs. N64
PS2 vs. GCN
PS3 vs. Wii
PS4 vs. Wii U

Nintendo won 100% of the time vs. Sony in the handheld console market.  In fact, these victories were so devastating that it forced Sony out of the market permanently.
DS vs. PSP
3DS vs. Vita

Now we have a Nintendo handheld (hybrid) vs. a Sony home console: Switch vs. PS5.  It may seem that this is going to be tough competition, but it really isn't.  Switch can appeal to both portable gamers and home gamers.  PS5 can only appeal to home gamers.  Switch can attack Playstation's market, but Playstation cannot attack Switch's market.  It isn't a fair fight.  Also, we already know that Switch is successful.  PS5 really has no choice but to lose customers to the Switch.

Last edited by The_Liquid_Laser - on 15 October 2020