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eva01beserk said:
Am I the only one who still does not give an f about any non gaming fetures on my gaming console? Dont get me wrong the cards are potentially awesome if done properly. Jumping in to specific parts of games with a know objective and even hints could be great. But aside from that I would have wished the console go back to the ps3 folder days. All my games here and if I dont care about anything else I dont even have to see anything else. Here it looks like it might be in your face all the time. Hopefully it can be turned off or adjusted.

Trust me, you are not the only one that doesn't care about non-gaming features. One of the reasons Xbox flopped so hard was because it was all TVTVTVSPORTSTVTVTV all the time. One of the reasons Sony got so much good will was that the console was very good about being games-forward. Yeah it had other features (and I do love stuff like Netflix and Amazon Prime), and I do use it as my media hub...but honestly none of those things sell a console for me. 

I am still struggling with whether or not I like the UI, though. A lot of the features they showed this morning were like 'that's cool, but it does seem complicated and I'm not sure if it'll streamline the experience or just complicate things'. Like the console design itself and my initial response to the controller, I've got a 'not sure if I like or not' side-eye on it. It'll grow on me, I'm sure, but right now it just seems like a lot of stuff I don't care too much about. 

That said, the PS4 has slowly shifted to be quite possibly the best gaming experience I've ever had, so I have faith they'll find a lovely middle ground or I'll be able to tweak the experience to my liking.