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Replicant said:
KratosLives said:

Look i'm not trying to argue for the sake of picking sides or putting one console down. I want all gamers to get the best for what they pay for on launch. I just don't like it that they can't launch a system without a killer exclusive or some small games that showcase next gen. Maybe it's early for devs to show off the it's power, so maybe it's premature  for both consoles to release this year.  I would much rather see a console release with something stunning, something not seen before to get us excited for next gen gaming.

Bold: Halo Infinite should've been that title. That delay wasn't easy but probably the right thing to do. You can't just magically make a new game in a few months that can take its place. Besides, it's rare that launch lineups include top tier exclusives. Don't expect Miles Morales to be the best PS5 game in 7 years when all is said and done.

I wouldn't even put miles morales as a true ps5 game. Ive seen more impressive tech in tlou2. Wasn't halo infinite in development as an xbox one game?  They were working on current gen hardware for the majority of it's development i heard.