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How does 4K make a Switch for professionals? =P

Anyway, I think a Switch TV/budget model, but that’s completely uninteresting to me, personally.

Switch 2 sound the most compelling for me.

As for what Nintendo’s doing, I don’t know.

For Switch 2: I HATE it when companies scrap their old platforms, and Nintendo is the absolute worst for this. I want to see the Switch platform evolve for the next generation, and again the generation after, and again. I’d love to see an end to this whole “burn it down and replace it” method, because sometimes you burn down a speedy Wii and get a sluggish Wii U; I mean, at least Wii U had “Wii Mode” - but the problem it was a half-assed way to integrate.

I want new hardware, an evolved platform with more features like a centralized health tracking system for their health products. Better quality hardware like more durable rails on the side of the Switch 2, better Joycons that don’t de-sync and such. Integration with the QOL project that’s like 5 years late now. Maybe Joycon+, if the reason we don’t have IR games is because of weakness in the gyroscopic technology or something, I’d love to see that improved, too.

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