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WoodenPints said:
Lafiel said:

Yea, I noticed that aswell and I think I'll pick up an ext M.2 case, so that I can use it in the future for different NVMe drives. But I think the main advantage of those over SATA probably will be transfer speed when used as cold storage for PS5 games.

Yeah that is my thoughts leave the internal expansion to a 1-2TB for native PS5 games only and then a 1250+ MB/s range M.2 drive externally to store BC games on and overflow for PS5 transferring if required. I was pricing this up around a couple of weeks ago and the low end M.2 drives that would max out the 10Gbps of the USB ports aren't much more expensive than a 500 MB/s SSD and with the adoption rate of NVME increasing it could even be cheaper in a years time.

Faster connections than 10 Gbps wouldn't help much for external NVME-SSDs:

F. e. an external SSD with Thunderbolt 3 has huge speed advantages in benchmarks:

But these benchmarks only show the first few seconds, only 1 GB or a few GB are copied for the benchmark.

If you copy/move bigger games (f. e. a 100 - 200 GB CoD game) or  several games at once, the difference will get insignificant.

Even the average transfer speed of a Samsung Portable X5 with Thunderbolt 3 falls to ~600 MB/s moving a 390 GB Steam library:

Part of the problem is the extreme throtteling of the SSD due to thermal problems in small external SSD cases.

The X5 went down from 2440 MB/s to 244 MB/s (one tenth!)  the moment it reached 55° C:

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