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Jumpin said:
Runa216 said:

Took me three edits but it seems to work! Some great comments below: 

"Remember, Trump isn't a victim, he's the drunk driver."

"Trump isn't meeting a 'poetically ironic fate,' he's meeting a completely predicable one that multiple experts tried to warn him of, repeatedly."

"Potentially the first president to be assassinated by his own stupidity."

"Republicans are more upset about us saying trump deserves covid than they are about 211,000 Americans dying"

HAHAHAHA "Trump's gone viral" made me laugh.

Ben Shapiro is an angry squirrel-muppet who doesn't understand basic sexuality.

Anyway, I miss Cracked. The site has gone to crap since the exodus.

Yeah, I used to love all their list articles about cool and interesting shit, now it's like one half-step better than buzzfeed. Get back to the mysteries mixed with humour! 

Nowadays I basically only go their for their photoplasty stuff, because infographics are still pretty educational and bite-sized enough to not test my patience.

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