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I joined twitter about a month ago strictly for entertainment (music, movies, videogames), but could not escape politics... People making absolutely everything political and spewing hatred. It is a disgusting cesspool of hateful comments. I have been on this site for 7 years and honestly, have seen some things, but never so much hatred for topics around Trump.

Here are my thoughts:
-The people who are spewing hate are no better than the man they claim is evil.
-People are skewed on both sides by the mainstream media. They do not even know they have been brainwashed. If there is a number 1 enemy, it is the mainstream media (Yes, I mean both liberal and conservative backed sites). They thrive off of division and hatred.
-I honestly do not believe Trump is this all evil person that everyone claims he is; if he was this evil dictator, there would be mass censorship on his end, people wouldn't have the freedom to protest or even say the disgusting things about him that they do. On the reverse, he is obviously not perfect. I wish he could be more blunt but have bedside manner at the same time (it is possible).

-If we were all played a montage of solely everything that we have said or done that was wrong or that we regret, we would look and sound like evil people (which is all that the media does to candidates on both sides). So before spouting hatred, do some soul searching.
-How someone can place the Covid deaths on Trump just doesn't make sense to me in the slightest. The whole world was slow to act. The whole world has been affected. If you want a group to blame, there are at least 2 that come before Trump: The Communist Party of China for lying to the world, followed by the World Health Organization who echoed those lies, which lead to the world's slow response.
-If you truly think Trump is evil, fighting back with hatred will only create more hatred. Never has evil been ever to triumph over evil.

That is the end of my sermon. I'm sorry but I just don't want to see this site become a smaller version of Twitter. Maybe I've just been ignorant to it all this time and it always has been. I view it as a place where people of all backgrounds can come together on one of the few things that can actually unite us.

Stay safe, and lay your weapons down. We are all in this together (coming from a Canadian).