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coolbeans said:
The Order: 1886 is another good choice. I probably took more time appreciating the details like the oil lamps during that night section than any aspect of its game design. Sure, the shooting felt... functional but not the extent expected. I remember the insane power of the coach gun (spread-shotty) & auto-pistol just made you coast through the entire game. I wanted to say I breezed through it on its toughest difficulty too, but I don't even remember if it had difficulty settings.

Yeah that one seems a classic example of when graphics get 90% of the dev's attention. It's still one of the best looking games on console I reckon, but it's clear gameplay took a back seat. One of the constant perils of AAA game development. You end up spending so much to make it stand out from the competition visually that doing anything beyond cookie cutter for the gameplay is seen as too risky.

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