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sethnintendo said:
Snesboy said:

Why do you hate Catholics when we both love Fire Emblem?

I don't necessarily hate people that are Catholics.  I just have very negative views towards the institution due to the whole priest scandals and the church pretty much sweeping them under the rug till recently when they finally stopped protecting past abusers.  

I actually kind of like the new pope compared to the Hitler youth former one.   He is actually trying to make amends and be more inclusive.  My last two girlfriends were actually catholic.  

My problem like many is that I generalize too much.  It's more my distaste of the institution than most people that belong to religion.

Also on religion.  I don't care what most people believe but I do care when their beliefs start encroaching on me.   There might be a god but I don't think any religion on Earth is the correct and only true religion.   I have very negative views of organized religion because they are run by humans and humans will always be flawed.   That's why I've just kind of adopted my own and to me nature is god.

I completely understand. That's why as a Catholic, I try to help people to understand that man is fallible and we worship God to be more like him and accepting of all people, especially our enemies.

I hope Amy Coney Barrett to be a fine addition to the Supreme Court and that she will follow our Constitution to the fullest as it protects her and all our religious freedoms. None of my research has indicated that she will follow religious teachings before the Constitution, however, only time will tell.