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Soundwave said:
Darwinianevolution said:

I know, that's the thing. GamePass can become the most profitable part of XBox if they handle it correctly. I'm pretty sure they would gladly abandon the hardware market entirely if they could offer their Game Pass on Nintendo and PlayStation consoles.

I'm not sure there even is a Playstation if MS' vision of what the console market is going to become turns out. 

And Sony is going to try to stop the GamePass at all costs. Right now, Microsoft can only offer it on XBox and on PC. Neither Nintendo or Sony will allow Microsoft to add their GamePass on their ecosystem, else they would eat their software sales in their own platform. On PC they will have to deal with tons of competition from regular storefronts and other digital renting services, but on XBox they have the whole cake for themselves. They need to expand their XBox userbase to maximize the profits of the GamePass.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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