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Leynos said:
No. And Nintendo doesn't need to. People need to stop overreacting everyone should buy everything. Why would the hottest selling platform need to be reactionary to desperate moves of the worst-selling platform maker?

Because it shows complacency and laziness which leads to shrinking long term sales, which is a big no-no for investors.

Microsoft is doing all they can to give themselves every advantage to compete and make more money from the Xbox and Gaming division long term. Nintendo's investors see that and will go "Well, what are you guys doing?" 

And not too long ago, Nintendo was the worst-selling platform maker with the Wii U. And people saw their moves of jumping into mobile as desperate and unifying their hardware divisions with a system that was around the same power as the Wii U - foolish. Meanwhile, Sony - the hottest selling platform maker at the time, just kept trucking on business as usual. Now look where Nintendo is now, and look where Sony is now. Granted, Sony's still in a good position, but many are predicting that the PS5 will sell less, and as such, make less, than the PS4, and Microsoft's latest purchase just reinforces that idea. Nintendo and Microsoft have been doing everything they can to catch up while Sony was just kicking back and drinking margaritas, blissfully ignoring the two competitors trying to close the distance. Now Nintendo’s on top and Microsoft is closing the distance. Sony’s investors won’t be too happy about that.

When you're on top, coasting is the absolute LAST thing investors want you to do. They're like sharks  - You smell blood, you go for the kill. Put your foot in their necks.

Last edited by PAOerfulone - on 21 September 2020