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Conina said:
KratosLives said:
crazy hearing people say there isn't enough compelling exclusives..

So which compelling PS5-exclusives (so games not available on PS4, Xbox or PC) can we play in November?

Which compelling exclusives can we play until the end of this year?

Not that many.

What games can we play on Xbox that you can't play anywhere else? Literally none. Not a single thing. 

At least Sony has Demon's Souls. when the ratio is 1:0 in favour of Sony, it's still the better option. and this is about 'when are you buying PS5?' not 'Are you buying PS5 at launch'. Launches rarely have super compelling games that are 100% exclusive. Even the Nintendo Switch - which had one of the best first years ever if not the singular best first year of any console - only launched with one megaton of a game...that was also out on WiiU. (Zelda: Breath of the Wild). Don't get me wrong, I DO think the PS5's launch looks like one of the better launches in history even with Miles Morales being cross-gen, but the question needs to be less of  'what can I literally ONLY play on this console' and more 'what experiences can I have only on this console'. I bet stuff like Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden West and others are going to be far more impressive on PS5 than they are PS4. 

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