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KratosLives said:
crazy hearing people say there isn't enough compelling exclusives..

Yeah I don't quite get that at all. Like, The exclusives we expect to see in the first year or so of the console's life is EASILY the strongest I've seen in ANY console EVER. Even better than the Switch, which had an absolutely phenomenal first year. 

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a sequel to a blockbuster game that is considered possibly one of the best superhero games ever and a 10+ million seller. 

God of War Ragnarok is a sequel to the best-selling and highest-reviewed God of War game, another 10+ million seller that might be a near-perfect game. 

Horizon: The Forbidden West is a sequel to a 10+ million seller of a new-IP, which was also critically hailed and a new IP, so it shows willingness to grow. 

Ratchet & Clank Rift apart is an absolutely outstanding-looking game and a fantastic show of what the PS5 can do as well as being a sequel to a beloved franchise.

Demon's Souls Remake is a stellar-looking remake of a PS3 classic, and another in a long line of PS-exclusive games (And one of my most anticipated.

There are many more but those five alone are all absolute megaton announcements for me. This is even bigger to me than the stellar Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario 3D, and Splatoon games on Switch's opening year. There are many more PS5 exclusives - be they console exclusives, true exclusives, brand exclusives, or timed exclusives - that have been announced, and almost all of them look great or at least good. Anyone saying the console lacks exclusives either has some VERY specific needs that aren't being met, are super cynical and just hate like 95% of what's out there, or are Xbox folks just trying to downplay the absolutely outstanding games that are currently announced. 

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