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DonFerrari said:
Bristow9091 said:

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" that's the saying I was thinking of but couldn't remember at the time lol :P

But yeah I'm very happy with the state of next gen or at least the way it's looking... Sony are just doing their usual thing which is great, and Microsoft are trying something new that I absolutely respect and can get behind, although I do hope they've got more games to show off for the first year, because compared to the PS5's first year their first party output seems a little low, but I don't mind because I'll have Game Pass AND EA Access to put me on, and there's a LOT of games I'm looking forward to playing on a Series S, currently playing the Master Chief Collection and Sunset Overdrive (both on PC) for the first time and I'm really enjoying the Halo games, and I know the console Game Pass has even more games on offer too! 

The good thing about MS doing this is that if it fails it won't harm Sony, but if it do well Sony can copy.

When you try to copy something the problem is that the window might not be there cost wise.  Being late to the party would mean you are always late and its something MS as a company has found out on many fronts.  You either take the risk and be the leader or you wait and hope things doesn't pass you by.