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drbunnig said:
d21lewis said:
Any word on the camera? Back in the day, the camera for SM Sunshine would go insane for certain levels. Either way, can't wait to try these games myself!

Can't say I ever had any major issues with the camera for Sunshine (at least from what I can recall), and I played through it earlier this year. What levels did you have problems with? It seems the camera controls are no longer inverted though, and there's no option to change it back, which is a massive ballache.

There was one stage where you had to get 8 red coins. Pretty simple stage but the coins were all on a wall all the slightest tap of the control stick would send the camera spinning 180 degrees. Is wasn't common throughout the game but when it did happen, the game was almost unplayable.

Go to about minute 8 of this video for an example (the guys playing kinda suck but it illustrates my point).

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