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Just downloaded it. Got the first star in Mario 64! I'll probably just play through the games in order. Feels great to be playing Mario 64 again. Haven't played it in probably around 20 years. The controls mapped to the joycons feels very natural. And it looks great in HD. When it came out in '96 it looked great, but I realize today if it still had the same resolution as the original game it'd probably look real low res, so in HD it basically looks how I remember it looking back in the day when the graphics were state of the art. Playing Mario 64 again reminds me how great the game is while also at the same time reminding me how far gaming has come since then. I'm glad they didn't change the graphics or anything to try to modernize it, I'd rather be playing these games how they were made than some 13-24 years late edited version.

As much as there is to complain about with this game (well two things specifically: no Galaxy 2 and limited release), if you're a Mario fan you gotta get this game. I'm as excited for playing back through these three games as I could be for any new game and now I'll always have these games in my collection for the future! I almost don't want to go visit Yellowstone for the first time today and instead just play Mario haha, but a gotta balance out real life with Mario ha!

Edit: Oh and I just realized I didn't even notice the screen not being widescreen in 64 haha. I've seen so many people complain about that, but I literally didn't notice it or think about it at all, and it just occurred to me now, so far anyone complaining about that it is definitely not an issue when you're playing the gam and if you're not thinking about it you might not even notice it either.