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DonFerrari said:
EricHiggin said:

The tighter the hardware is confined, the tougher it is to cool and hotter it will likely run, or louder it will sound. If they put XBSS in a bigger shell, they could likely boost the APU clocks to some degree without losing too much due to yields. Was this choice anti consumer?

Ya but those in the know, know that TV upscaling almost never beats the hardware doing it itself. If you've bought an XBSS, how expensively high end is your TV likely to be?

So would you also agree SNY is anti consumer for not offering a $299 version of the PS5? Did MS have to, or could they have just kept XB1X with XBSX, or better yet, launch XBSX only while discontinuing XB1X anyway?

The size of the console isn't anti-consumer, the CPU it have is almost the same as Series X, the GPU is like 1/3, and everything else scalled to meet the need, so even if you made it twice the size it would barely matter.

You are trying to make a enormous strawman here. Sony is losing a lot of money on discless PS5 to the point people are complaining that they are paying to much for the one with disc for 100 USD more.

It would be anti-consumer if Sony for example decided that digital PS5 won't have BC for the digital titles because it can't o BC for physical due to not having disc. Keeping or discontinuing X1X is irrelevant.

Point is you could easily say a bunch of things are anti consumer. You could also say they're offering a pretty good deal regardless.

Conina said:
DonFerrari said:

When the service will be available on the same family of products and it is technically capable then yes they are just removing that from the baseline to make the more expensive look more valuable. And that is from the consumer friendly company right?

The Xbox One X has 12 GB RAM, the Xbox Series S only 10 GB RAM.

Maybe that is the main problem to use X enhanced settings on the new entry console without further patches.

It's probably likely that it could be done, but MS doesn't see the point, at least for now. Maybe the XB team is short for resources because they are focusing on other things they deem more important first. They didn't see the point for BC with XB1 right away either. That took like 2 or 3 years after launch before it became a thing.