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NightlyPoe said:
Maynard_Tool said:
Damn this thread keeps on going? Seriously? People sometimes get stuck so much with their ideas, is not easy for them to simple say “ok, i overreacted, i was wrong; lets move on” ? Trying to prove your preferences as the only truth out there, is just so narrow minded, people need to remember that.

Umm, wrong about what?  And, what overreaction?  If anything, I think time has proven that the March version of me that started this thread was overly optimistic.  If you'd told me in March that Nintendo would only release two more new games and not have a big holiday title, I wouldn't have believed you.  Yet here we are.

If you'd like to come in and discuss the situation rationally, it would be nice, but why come in just to crap on people?  What is the purpose of the drive-by?

The opening statement of this thread was “besides AC, nintendo has 0 games dated for release beyond it”

so I guess 2020 is going by with no other games? This is not overreactiNg? Im not crapping at anyone but with an opening statement like that, what else could anyone expect?

paper mario, hyrule warriors, mario kart, pikmin, 3D all stars.... are those not Nintendo games?

Oh wait, you are complaining about not having a big holiday game (so far)? That has nothing to do with the initial statement. You are complaining  about old games being re released, again that was not the point of this thread. The games Nintendo launch are not for you, nor you find them good enough? Subjective, not everyone has to like everything you do.

If you want to discuss about quality, preferences or what ever, that’s fine, we can do that. But this thread wasn’t about that. It was just a rant about not knowing what was coming in the near future. It was even mentioned back then “there is a good chance this will be remedied”.... guess what? It was, Nintendo released more games that just AC.

this thread didn’t have any other direction to go but this one;  it was a wrong one, nothing awful about that. Move on, let it die, start a new thread if you feel the need to with a new approach.