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ArchangelMadzz said:
vivster said:

I don't mind it at all if the children aren't hurt by it. So unless they were forced or coerced to do the movie I'm fine with it. That's also what separates a horror movie from real snuff. It's also what separates pedophilia from actual crimes. As long as the children are fine everything is fine.

I would like to think of this movie like one of those athletics competitions with really young children. Dancing and spreading in skin tight outfits in front of cameras. Whatever makes them happy.

Are you going to tell me with a straight face you don't see the difference between this and the way girls olympics/gymnastics is shot and covered?

Thats effing disgusting and I hope Netflix and whoever made this get punished for this. 3 seconds of that material is more than enough to understand this is wrong in so many levels. I just can't understand how there are people defending this with a straight face. I was born in the Netherlands and people mention here that in Europe we are more okay for nudity but that is not really true. Some movies have received rightfully backlash. We are then not talking about a kid in bath of which you can see a face. And then this Cuties movie....That's not okay here. By far.

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